Sunday, April 11, 2010

THE Talk

Birds and the Bees
When I woke up on Thursday morning, little did I know that today would be THE day. The day for the birds and the bees. The fact that it is Spring is appropriate. Since the day that No1 was born we (I say 'we' because we must be united on this but (sotto voce) it is really I - for while DH has similar views to me, he has been happy in this matter to take a back seat). Still, WE (I) thought long and hard about how we would do this; WE had long discussions about when, where, and how (DH listened carefully and agreed with everything I said) and WE decided that he would lead the way with our son because after all, DH is a man and he should be the one that takes the lead in guiding him into manhood....... And this is how I ended up telling him practically everything.

I never really wanted No1 to get it all in one go so we ( and I mean WE here). I don't actually believe in it being One talk. I have been answering his questions and probing him to think about these things since he was about two. I like to think of it as a long process. The facts about sex are the easy bit; the intricicies that surround it are the part that takes some time to negociate.

But it must be agreed the the crux of the matter is as my son so succinctly put it "but how does the seed get to the mum?". He dealt well with the information. I asked him had his world changed forever. My very mature and solid boy said "well, everyone in the world was made this way..". (Heart melt). I responded by saying that "no actually...not everybody was made with as much love as you were made by Dad and I".