Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You can't take your eye off them for a minute!

One minute it was there. Then it was gone. Rapunzel ...without the witch. Self-inflicted devastation to the crowning glory of three children. It is the age-old fascination with scissors - creativity mixed in with mischieviousness. A gaggle of cousins sneak upstairs, giggle and know that the scolding they are GOING to get will be so worth it .... what fun can be had with hair!

The result: Punk hair for Clare. Eighties flick for Jane. Pixie non-fringe for Andrew ..... and my sister with a hair problem of her own ...another grey hair....from the stress of anticipating what I might say on my return.

Ultimitely: Can we replace it? No. Can we laugh about it? Yes. My aunt said: "may this be the worst ill you suffer". Perspective mummies, please.