Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Busy June

The Wedding
A sublime few days were had in the South of France 'en famille'. The weather was perfect, the bridal couple were sublime and the company was wonderful. The house we rented easily absorbed the Grand Clan of Egars, with a pool for the boys to frolic in and a large table on which to feed everyone.

A frenzied effort of flower-arranging, booklet binding and decoration of the marquise kept the Bride's family very busy for the days leading to the wedding but it is fair to say that many of the guests lent a hand. Busy hands got to know each other and set the tone for the Special Day.
The wedding day dawned and amongst others, two little flower girls made preparations for their special role.

Jane and Isabella were breath-takingly beautiful when they emerged in a froth of silk in cream and blue. Two deliciously shy little girls, causing a stir already in their lives with the beauty that they are radiating. This photo shows them walking down the road to meet the bride.
The groom waited patiently for a bride that dazzled in ivory lace and silk duchess satin and organza.

Aoife was easily one of the prettiest brides I ever saw.

And what a beautiful couple they made.

The party was uniquely catered for by Olivier Bontemps who created pure theatre with the wedding banquet in Aoife's French home finishing up with the pre-requisite French Crocque en Bouche which made its entrance over the heads of the guests flanked by flames.

It was a party none of us are likely to forget.

Jane is 4: June 21st, 2010

Bunting heralded the day.......

...we cut the fabric and made the invitations....

....made the cake......
and all that was left to do for a 4 year old girl and her party guests was to blow out the candles......

and open the presents....

How I just love this baby girl who has grown into a spirited, energetic and enthusiastic big girl. How I thank God for her and her brothers and the joy they bring to us. How perfect and how loving she is. She opens my eyes every day to the beauty of life, pushes me to my limits and crushes me with how lucky we are to have our children. She amazes me with her perspective and twinkles with the unstoppable zest for living that blesses her.

Jane Marie Therese Egar - your character is this big, beautiful shadow of everything we are. Wow. It is an honour to hold in our hand the daunting task of being an example. To teach you everything we know. We want to raise a beautiful, confident, loving human being and we will do everything we can to try and ensure we can fulfill that goal. Know today and always how much I love you and enjoy you and your brothers. Know that today was an example of a day of when I felt so incredibly lucky and thrilled to be your Mama. xx

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Play-date... and don't forget the champagne

The weather did not seem to be able to make up its mind, but the most important thing on our agenda today was the two little boys that we were bringing home. How simple it is to pull off an amazing day for a child ... go to the park, have a picnic in the garden with little friends, play rugby on the green, feed them food they enjoy (help them negotiate the odd disagreement), more play and some more food. One very happy son and two contented little pals.

It took a pal of my own to make a simple point this evening. The sun shone warmly on our backs while catching up on each other's lives. Don't forget the champagne, she said. Dear Hubby is 40 today and having grown up with him, she remembered. I was cataloguing the jobs I needed to get done to arrange a simple celebration for him on Friday night when he gets home from up the country. Such has been the strain of the months of separation that I could only view everything as a 'job to be done' - including a celebration dinner. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY SENSE OF FUN???? The champagne comment stirred within me a feeling of alien feeling that I wondered if I would ever get again. Suddenly I could see the scene... his parents, the balloons, champagne flutes, tasty food and my old engine revved up to power what is required to get this gig off the ground.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The good ...and the disappointing

June July and August.
Yeah!!! The three best reasons for teaching... June, July and August. So the cynical muse. And from where I am sitting, I am going along with it. It has been a tough year. And I am glad to see the back of it.

June Weekend
The sun is shining so brightly, the sun cream is thickly applied to fair skin and the beach beckons for Hubby and kids...but sadly, not me. I am enchained to my sewing machine. The family wedding approaches and two flower girl dresses are still in the making. I can't say that I really procrastinated for the past few months ... well, not if a few minutes free time thinking of doing the work is called procrastination.

I had a romantic idea that making the dresses would be fun. But being 10 years out of practice has made the job trickier. Feeling somewhat disappointed with what is emerging is not helping. At least the beauty of the two girls who will wear them on the day, will shine...
whatever about the dresses.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Girls' fashion

I've been known to blow a week's wages on a pair of Jimmy Choos and savour the decadence of such a whimsical purchase while justifying the extravagance with the usual excuses...."I will have them forever!"....."they will go with everything" ..."I bought them in a sale".... and my favourite one, "I will have it for seven years". I adore finding the perfect piece and imagining the scene as I wear it. And of course, I imagine the glamourous life that I have as I wear it (sucker!!). As it is packed onto tissue and a pretty bag, I usually figure that at last, my wardrobe is complete. But of course it never is. I continue to look blankly into the closet while dressing for work or hanging around the house with the children. The perfectly defined wardrobe becomes more elusive with every purchase, yet that quest for those key pieces becomes re-energised with every trip to a clothes shop.

This week I bought a perfect dress for a family wedding in France. I feel French in it. (guffaw!!). It is black with a cream trim. It is a wrap and the skirt flows with a double ruffle....and best of all, I can wear it with my Jimmys. I think I will have it for YEARS. There. Justified.

And do you know what? I just love it.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Going global

A good friend asked me to give her the address of this blog. Screeeeeeeaaaaacccccccchhh to a halt! Clearly putting this blog on the internet means that I know it needs to be read.....having someone actually read it is, frankly disarming. It is letting someone into my virtual realm.

I have quickly read through some of the content and while I like the thoughts, I need to develop the modus to reveal them. I am still a bit wooden. It feels a bit stiff . I do not recognise myself.

OR ...... is this who I really am to the world?