Thursday, June 10, 2010

Play-date... and don't forget the champagne

The weather did not seem to be able to make up its mind, but the most important thing on our agenda today was the two little boys that we were bringing home. How simple it is to pull off an amazing day for a child ... go to the park, have a picnic in the garden with little friends, play rugby on the green, feed them food they enjoy (help them negotiate the odd disagreement), more play and some more food. One very happy son and two contented little pals.

It took a pal of my own to make a simple point this evening. The sun shone warmly on our backs while catching up on each other's lives. Don't forget the champagne, she said. Dear Hubby is 40 today and having grown up with him, she remembered. I was cataloguing the jobs I needed to get done to arrange a simple celebration for him on Friday night when he gets home from up the country. Such has been the strain of the months of separation that I could only view everything as a 'job to be done' - including a celebration dinner. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY SENSE OF FUN???? The champagne comment stirred within me a feeling of alien feeling that I wondered if I would ever get again. Suddenly I could see the scene... his parents, the balloons, champagne flutes, tasty food and my old engine revved up to power what is required to get this gig off the ground.