Monday, May 10, 2010

Just tell me you need a hug

There comes a time in the evening when we are getting tired. Small people can start crying, losing tolerance. Sometimes it escalates into something bigger. I think that this can depend on how I handle things. If I am tired myself and I am not concentrating, I can see this poor behaviour as irritating and fail to recognise it for what it is i.e. "please bring me to bed because I cannot take it anymore". I should know what THAT feels like! Lately I have been trying to teach Jane especially that when she is feeling bad/tired, to just ask for a hug. Hugs make everything so tolerable and the benefits can change the mood instantly. It can start with the tenderness of consolation and finish with a playful jiggle to reintroduce the good humour; I can smell the sweetness of the children, whisper some words of encouragement, remind them of how loved they are and it recharges some really worn out human batteries - for both Mama and Little One. Bring those hugs on!