Monday, March 29, 2010

Ready for visitors

I just love that feeling you get when the fridge is stocked to capacity, the sheets are clean on the beds and some people we love are on their way to stay with us.

My sister and her brood of three boys and one girl are coming to hang out with us for a few days. Single parenting together I guess. We have a child each to match each other, bar one. Our No1s are boys and 10 and 9, our No2s are boys and both 6, to our amazement our No3s are girls and aged 3 and 4. Her No4 has no matching cousin and nearly 2....a matter of great concern for my two boys who really felt that Hubby and I should do the decent thing and get a match for this little wobbler. The great debates that they launched on this matter made sense but Hubby's army career threw cold water on the whole idea. I guess this army wife just could not stretch to it. Sorry kids!

My sister is quite a girl. Mummy to four kiddies, wife and Medical Consultant. All this makes life pretty hectic but I stand back in awe as she manages it all.

She is the older of my two (younger) sisters and she is always the one to point out the obvious to me. I value this honesty and while it has shaken me from time to time, I have always benefitted from the look in the mirror.

The kids will have great fun together - getting muddy, running, joking, laughing, squeezed together in beds at night with us two hollering "go to sleep" at least a hundred times before we huddle up in the living room with a glass of whiskey or wine and analyse life.....

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