Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Summer 2010 - Football Crazy

The Robster

There is something about summer days and evenings that is so magical. Sun low in the sky, freckled faces flushed with a rosy glow of over-exertion and ....smiles. Ah yes, smiles are the best and these two little guys are just about as happy as they can be. I think that we must have about 10 different balls in our garden - round, oval, large and small. It does not seem to matter what the shape but as long as my boys feet are making contact with those balls they are smiling and happy. The collective noise that filters from a bevvy of boys chasing one of those balls at a local ' Green' is one of the definitive sounds of summer. To think that my lads are now a part of that happy noise is one of the simplest, but most heart-warming pleasures.

The Rewster

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