Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Summer 2010 - Holidays

Toormore 2010
There are some things in life that are so utterly beautiful in their simplicity. Our times in Toormore, West Cork are just one of those things. Trips to Toormore are as old as our marriage and there were also quite a few trips before that. There are many ways in which we have been so blessed and this place has to be in the top ten blessed things in our life. Mary and Bren, my aunt and uncle, have generously lent us their house every summer. This began with a week to relax after our wedding and now continues every summer with a classic beach holiday with the children.

Airports and rented cars and restricted luggage volumes are cast aside in favour of throwing everything into the car to be at our holiday destination in 90 minutes. The lure of sunny foreign climes do not hold a candle to this rural idyll.


Rew, 2010
Rob, 2010

Ronan, Rob, Stephen and Andrew, 2010
Jane, 2010
Clare, 2010, age 5
Ice-creams, 2010

Sometimes putting this blog together is frustrating when you are trying to put a few photos together. I was trying to show the kids over the past 3 years since I bought a digital camera. I wanted to label them but I can't. The best way to note the difference is to look at Jane especially. At first she is crawling on the beach (though she can actually walk at this point); then in 2008 you see her hair growing and she is in a pink check togs; 2009 there is a photo of Tim and the gang;
and the remainder are 2010.

Sometimes the Kiely's join us and this year was one of those years. The cousins love being together and the noise is deafening. Peace decends at night when the adults retire to the concervatory for reading, chat or a game of Balderdash.

THe daytime begins with a late breakfast, usually a trip to the beach, then a visit to the park with an ice-cream. It is a simple formula but it is a perennial recharge for our batteries. Sometimes it is the simple things that are the best.

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