Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Old home videos

Recently a friend of ours converted my old videos to DVD and we had some sessions going through the content with the children. Oh my! What a treat I had. Apart from the children loving these snapshots from the past, I was transported back to some of the happiest times in our lives...boys squawking as babies, first attempts to eat a meal, pulling themselves up to cruise furniture, wobbly first steps....even loose teeth. On film, the warmth and very obvious joy as I spoke words of encouragement to the children was a timely reminder of how precious these children are and re-awoke in me a new determination to appreciate their place in our lives every day.

Unfortunately, the tape that was stolen with our original camcorder confirmed that it was the only tape we had of No3. Hence, we now have no early film of her. Considering the pleasure garnered from the footage of No1 and No2, I feel quite sad about this fact.

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