Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Weekend

Goodbye to cousins
I waved goodbye to a dear sister this morning. Thanks to her gorgeous children there has been noise, laughter, shrieks, arguements, PS3 absorption, mess, constant feeding frenzies and it was just lovely. Smiling faces, dirt covered knees, football challenges, dolly games. What more could you ask for?

Weekend away
That dotie pet, my sis, has taken my 3 children to her home in Limerick. Dear Hubby and I are going to a wedding in the UK and she is looking after our precious babies. I hope that she is not dead by Monday from overwork. Despite several failed efforts, this is DH and I's first attempt to take some time away together without the children. First in 10 and a half years. I sit here in a bit of a daze. It is quiet, so quiet. My bag is packed and I am actually wondering what I should do now???

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