Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Girls' fashion

I've been known to blow a week's wages on a pair of Jimmy Choos and savour the decadence of such a whimsical purchase while justifying the extravagance with the usual excuses...."I will have them forever!"....."they will go with everything" ..."I bought them in a sale".... and my favourite one, "I will have it for seven years". I adore finding the perfect piece and imagining the scene as I wear it. And of course, I imagine the glamourous life that I have as I wear it (sucker!!). As it is packed onto tissue and a pretty bag, I usually figure that at last, my wardrobe is complete. But of course it never is. I continue to look blankly into the closet while dressing for work or hanging around the house with the children. The perfectly defined wardrobe becomes more elusive with every purchase, yet that quest for those key pieces becomes re-energised with every trip to a clothes shop.

This week I bought a perfect dress for a family wedding in France. I feel French in it. (guffaw!!). It is black with a cream trim. It is a wrap and the skirt flows with a double ruffle....and best of all, I can wear it with my Jimmys. I think I will have it for YEARS. There. Justified.

And do you know what? I just love it.

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