Monday, June 7, 2010

The good ...and the disappointing

June July and August.
Yeah!!! The three best reasons for teaching... June, July and August. So the cynical muse. And from where I am sitting, I am going along with it. It has been a tough year. And I am glad to see the back of it.

June Weekend
The sun is shining so brightly, the sun cream is thickly applied to fair skin and the beach beckons for Hubby and kids...but sadly, not me. I am enchained to my sewing machine. The family wedding approaches and two flower girl dresses are still in the making. I can't say that I really procrastinated for the past few months ... well, not if a few minutes free time thinking of doing the work is called procrastination.

I had a romantic idea that making the dresses would be fun. But being 10 years out of practice has made the job trickier. Feeling somewhat disappointed with what is emerging is not helping. At least the beauty of the two girls who will wear them on the day, will shine...
whatever about the dresses.

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